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Raw Roughness – Day 5

My 5th day has been filled with healthy vegetables and fruits.  I continue to increase those healthy raw foods into my meal plan. With all this fiber I am feeling the cleansing affect. It’s all good that is for sure.  A couple friends made comments saying they felt this way of life would be far to rough for them. But I think with anything in life, if you try it you just might be surprised that things are not as tough and rough as they seem.

No breakfast this morning, not even my Slimfast. I had to go get new brakes on my car, so no time.  When noon came I was ready for my lunch. My stomach was begging for a meal. It consisted of 5 strawberries, 1/2 cup of blueberries, broccoli, nuts and seed and you guessed it, my wonderful raw cheddar cheese and raw roast with a slice of sprouted bread. Dinner was not until about 7:30 so I kept it real light. More broccoli, raw red cabbage and a raw sausage made of all sorts of healthy raw ingredients.

Remember I was concerned about my blood sugars being high this morning because of reintroducing fruit in to my meals? Surprise, my blood sugars continue to go down. This morning my blood sugars were down another 36mg/ul. I also lost an additional 2 pounds.  When I see the changes already taking place , no way do I feel this is a rough way of living. When it does get rough I know I will be up for that challenge and I will continue to make the healthy raw choices.

I just really need to start implementing these recipes I have . I promise myself to get to Whole Foods Market next week,unless of course I go over to Vegas for a few days.  If I do I will have to at least have fruits packed for the drive over. I can find a raw food restaurant there with no problem for my meals. And if worse comes to worse I can play it safe and make the healthy choices at the buffets. Now a days all places offer such healthy choices at their buffets. I do not even fear the temptation of any bad choices. Int his short time I continue to feel better everyday.

While my brakes were being installed I continued to read “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Raw Eating”  I am on chapter 5 which is in perfect time, since it is about the Perfect Pantry. It is full of all sorts of advice about food handling and storage, vegetables, nuts & seeds grains & legumes, herbs, spices ,vinegars, oils, salt and other condiments. So much information to retain before I go shopping.

What is nice about “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Raw Eating , is the additional side info they share with your. For example they have the “raw deal” which are alerts to certain warnings that a raw foodist need to be aware of. I have highlighted those as I read. It also has a “tasteful tip” this is where they share tips and tricks in being a raw foodist. There is also a side extra called “healing foods” these side boxes explain the how and why plants heal. And the last side box throughout this book is called “definition” which is a feature that explains new words in regards to raw foods and their meanings.  Yes a great book indeed I highly recommend it for anyone who want to education themselves on raw food eating.

And so this has been day 5, on to day 6.

If I go to Vegas and if I do loose a bit of money, I will remember that…………………..

The Greatest Wealth is Health.

Blessing To All



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Raw Rewards – Day 3

I am surprised how this new lifestyle has been for me in the last 3 days. Sure I am not 100% raw, however today I did eat all raw. The only intake of bad choices was my diet coke. I did not even have my Slimfast for breakfast because surprisingly enough I was not even hungry.

For lunch I had a raw casserole made by Good Mood Foods  out of San Diego, CA. It was one of the items I purchased at Mother’s Market.

Today I went to Henry’s Farmers Market, since they have so much organic foods I wanted to see how they were stocked in the raw foods department. They do have a nice organic produce area, but for raw deli items I could not locate a one. I also could not locate a store clerk to answer my question  if they did have any raw deli items that perhaps I just did not see. I did mange to buy an assortment of raw nuts and also my first ever half gallon of raw milk, which was delicious and I am not a big milk drinker.Thursday night Mother’s Market is having a seminar on Raw Milk which I will be attending. It is fun educating myself and slowly interacted with other raw foodist as we seem to be called. I will report back on the seminar after I have attended it.

Dinner was a light spinach salad and 2 slices of that wonderful raw cheddar cheese. I still can not believe it is the best I ever had. I also had a slice of the raw “roast”.

Eating raw is already bringing a difference to my life, I consider that a great reward. I lost another pound that always  makes me happy. The biggest reward though is seeing my blood sugar going down and I actually felt better today I had more energy than I have had in a long time.

Tonight I am beginning my second book called  “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw” by Mark Reinfeld, Bo Rinaldi and Jennifer Murray,  personally I do not feel I am an idiot, but these Idiot series along with the Dummy series have always proven to be for me decent books with worthy information. I am hoping this book proves to be the same.

The thought is to pick up any habit it takes 21 days, I guess I have 18 more to go. So as to not create boredom with my readers I will probably blog for the first week everyday about this new way of life and after the first week I will check in at least 1-2 times a week.

But always even when I am not blogging I am working towards a life of more raw foods each day. Baby steps, baby steps. Until tomorrow keep in mind that………………………

The Greatest Wealth Is Health

Have a Blessed Tomorrow !


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