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Raw and Ripe – Day 1

It is the day’s end for me and I am proud to say I made it through a 90% raw food day.

I woke up this morning thinking of all the foods I would not be able to eat today. I threw those thoughts out of my mind quickly and decided to focus on how I would be eating healthy today. My body will be thanking me.

Breakfast was not a raw meal for me I had my Slimfast powdered breakfast, I will continue to have this for breakfast until the tin is empty. Maybe not the healthiest of drinks , but it really is a satisfying full feeling after I have my drink.

Lunch time I became a grazer, eating grape tomatoes, broccoli, celery and carrots all raw of course.  Around 3:00 I was really feeling my stomach yelling at me for feeding such a diet to it. I knew I had to put something in it to get it to shut up. I drove to Fountain Valley to dine at Au Lac Vegetarian  Restaurant. They have a lovely raw food menu. However they keep odd hours. They actually close at 3:33 p.m. I arrived at 3:28 so I did not bother to go in. They re-open at 5:33 (the :33 must be some sort of cultural thing) I didn’t feel like hanging around Fountain Valley until 5:33 so I headed over to Mother’s Market & Kitchen .  I am glad I did. Though their restaurant did not have a raw food section, the hostess did walk me over to their very small raw food deli. And there I was able to grab some of my favorites.(Old food way) I made a selection of the new way foods. A couple packages of raw falafel, raw cheese, raw “Roast” loaf  and a raw vegetarian casserole.

I had 3 of the Falafel as I drove home , they came with a raw dressing and they were very good. I look forward to trying other items soon.

Mother’s Market, usually gets a bad wrap ,yes they are  way overpriced and always crowded. And it is difficult to shop because they offer so much it is not easy to always find what you are looking for. But I like the people, they are full of knowledge about any way of life you are attempting and their Costa Mesa store always has a calendar of events going on, which I do plan on attending several of them in the very near future. I am also pleased they will be opening a Mother’s Market on August 4-5 in Anaheim Hills. That will be  far more convenient for me.

Dinner was 2 slices of sprouted bread with the raw cheese and raw “roast” slices with a tomato and a spinach salad, all very enjoyable and I do feel full.

However there was one bad moment when I did indulge in one cookie and cream dark chocolate cone drumstick. Yeah I know it was not raw. But I am not going to beat myself up for it because I am doing this in baby steps. And that one bad item does not compare to all the good choices I made today.

I even managed to not even drink all of my diet coke drink today Usually I finish that and even have another.  Diet coke is one of my addictions and I will be ridding myself of that all in due time.

One disappointment I did have is when I got home I took my blood sugar feeling confident it would be near normal. I was really disappointing to see it at it’s high side. I personally think it was all the carrots I ate, they have always converted quickly into sugar in my system.  I will research this evening to see what had so many carbs in it to still have a high reading. But the morning will be the real verdict of how my sugar is doing. The more carbs I eat during the day the higher it is in the morning. And yes veggies and raw foods do have carbs but they usually digest slowly and are good carbs. Sure the drumstick has carbs too but I didn’t eat that until much later. I will just wait until the morning reading to decide what adjustments I must make.

Tomorrow is another day. I will continue to read Carol Alts book. It is really a good book if you look beyond her self-promotion of purchasing items through her site.

Until then don’t forget ……………………………….

The greatest wealth is health

Blessing to All



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