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Raw Milkiness – Day 6

This evening I attended a seminar on Raw Milk at the Mother’s Market in Costa mesa. The speaker was Mark McAfee, of  Organic Pastures Dairy located In Fresno, Ca. It is a family owned and operated dairy. This gentleman was very passionate about raw milk. The knowledge he shared was balanced and not overly self-promoting. I enjoyed what he had to share. I by coincidence had purchased his brand of milk as my first raw milk purchase earlier in the week. If I understood him correctly there are only 2 raw milk producers here in CA. Raw milk has so many health benefits, I am glad I started drinking it.  What I learned foremost tonight is that raw milk is truly a whole food that is not processed. What is great about it is it still contains all of it’s pro-biotic bacteria, folks forget that there are beneficial bacteria that is good for us. Raw milk also has all of it’s enzymes and fats.  What makes it raw is that it has not been oxidized by heat. What made Mark a good representative on the subject of raw milk is his experience also he stressed the importance that not only should we drink raw milk but we need to intake all whole foods.

When I got home this evening I had myself a nice cold glass of raw milk with my first slice of raw pie. Oh it was so delicious made by Nude Foods it was a luscious Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake pie. One must remember just because it is raw does not mean it is calorie free. It was so delicious I ate the whole 5 oz. Only to read the nutritional facts after consuming it. This 5 oz is  2 servings. Which I do not see how 5 oz is nothing and it was only about 2×2 in size. It had 600 calories, 44 grams of fat. 38 carbs. 20sugars and 16grams of those 44 grams of fat were saturated fat.  In the end this just does  not  sound all that healthy to me.  But it has made me more aware that I can not stop label reading just because I am eating raw.

My food recap for the day:

Breakfast : 5 strawberries, 8 cherries and one handful of blueberries. Lunch: 1 slice sprouted bread, 2 oz raw cheddar cheese and 2 oz raw roast. Dinner: 3 small El Pollo Chicken Legs.(I know I was overly hungry on my drive to the seminar.) Baby steps , baby steps.

I decided not to weigh myself every morning. I think that creates such an obsession.  However this morning as I do every morning I have to check my blood sugars. I was shocked to see it had gone up about 20 mg/ul. Don’t know if I may have over done it on the nuts or the cherries. Either way I decided not to have any of the nuts or seeds today. I will test in the morning to see if  my blood sugars are on  the way down again or not.

I feel learning as much as I can about raw milk or any raw food is a reward for me in my journey to a healthier life. I hope those of you who have been following my journey also benefit from the information I post.

Until tomorrow , I wish you all peace, happiness and plenty of  whole foods eating.

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