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Raw Roughness – Day 5

My 5th day has been filled with healthy vegetables and fruits.  I continue to increase those healthy raw foods into my meal plan. With all this fiber I am feeling the cleansing affect. It’s all good that is for sure.  A couple friends made comments saying they felt this way of life would be far to rough for them. But I think with anything in life, if you try it you just might be surprised that things are not as tough and rough as they seem.

No breakfast this morning, not even my Slimfast. I had to go get new brakes on my car, so no time.  When noon came I was ready for my lunch. My stomach was begging for a meal. It consisted of 5 strawberries, 1/2 cup of blueberries, broccoli, nuts and seed and you guessed it, my wonderful raw cheddar cheese and raw roast with a slice of sprouted bread. Dinner was not until about 7:30 so I kept it real light. More broccoli, raw red cabbage and a raw sausage made of all sorts of healthy raw ingredients.

Remember I was concerned about my blood sugars being high this morning because of reintroducing fruit in to my meals? Surprise, my blood sugars continue to go down. This morning my blood sugars were down another 36mg/ul. I also lost an additional 2 pounds.  When I see the changes already taking place , no way do I feel this is a rough way of living. When it does get rough I know I will be up for that challenge and I will continue to make the healthy raw choices.

I just really need to start implementing these recipes I have . I promise myself to get to Whole Foods Market next week,unless of course I go over to Vegas for a few days.  If I do I will have to at least have fruits packed for the drive over. I can find a raw food restaurant there with no problem for my meals. And if worse comes to worse I can play it safe and make the healthy choices at the buffets. Now a days all places offer such healthy choices at their buffets. I do not even fear the temptation of any bad choices. Int his short time I continue to feel better everyday.

While my brakes were being installed I continued to read “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Raw Eating”  I am on chapter 5 which is in perfect time, since it is about the Perfect Pantry. It is full of all sorts of advice about food handling and storage, vegetables, nuts & seeds grains & legumes, herbs, spices ,vinegars, oils, salt and other condiments. So much information to retain before I go shopping.

What is nice about “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Raw Eating , is the additional side info they share with your. For example they have the “raw deal” which are alerts to certain warnings that a raw foodist need to be aware of. I have highlighted those as I read. It also has a “tasteful tip” this is where they share tips and tricks in being a raw foodist. There is also a side extra called “healing foods” these side boxes explain the how and why plants heal. And the last side box throughout this book is called “definition” which is a feature that explains new words in regards to raw foods and their meanings.  Yes a great book indeed I highly recommend it for anyone who want to education themselves on raw food eating.

And so this has been day 5, on to day 6.

If I go to Vegas and if I do loose a bit of money, I will remember that…………………..

The Greatest Wealth is Health.

Blessing To All



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Reveling In Rawness – Day 4

Today was uneventful in the respect that eating raw has so easily become an adaptable way of life for me. No other “diet” has ever seemed like it was second nature. I starting thinking about this and I believe the easiness is because I have always preferred my foods cold anyway. Everyone basically likes cold pizza, but I have been one who waits for my food to cool down before I important t is that I am looking at this as a lifestyle and not a diet.

Through my reading I have learned as long as you do not prepare anything above 116 -118 F it is still considered raw. This is nice to know if and when I do miss a warm food.

Today I introduced fruits into my raw food plan. I usually stay away from fruit because of the high glycemic index it usually has.  But as I read the “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw” their explanation of the importance to include fruits is to assure I will be getting all the vitamins and minerals that my body needs  I will have to be careful in my choice of fruits and stick to the low glycemic selections. I have always been aware of the 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables,but because of the sugar in the fruits I have avoided them most of the time. I guess it is time to bring the fruits back into my life. I have no doubt my blood sugars will be higher tomorrow, but as my system adjusts to the fruit hopefully it will drop back down.

Breakfast today was 4 ounces of Slimfast (I usually have the recommended 8 ounces.)

Lunch consisted of my yummy raw cheddar cheese and raw roast with 1 slice of sprouted bread.

I had a snack today of raw Brazil nuts and raw silvered almond. Fiber , fiber, fiber !

Dinner consisted of spinach sold, cabbage roll, raw broccoli, 5 strawberries and 5 cherries.

It is hard for me to believe I am actually full. I also had another 1 pound loss. According to my reading, with all the fiber and water in what I am eating is the reason I am loosing the weight. I think it will slow down and what I am loosing now is the excess water in my system.

One thing is certain; I do need to start using some of these wonderful recipes in all 3 books that I purchased. I want to make sure I do not bore of the foods and the only way to do that is to start preparing others foods. I think next week will be the first chance I get to go over to Whole Foods and get my grocery shopping done. Thursday evening after the seminar at Mother’s Market I will pick up a few items to get me through until I decide on my menu choices.

Today has me feeling I am reveling in rawness and wow is it a great feeling.

What I have noticed after 4 day are my legs . They do not look as swollen as they often do after a day of being on my feet. Most people have their ankles swell, not me my calf area swells. Weird I know but that is how it has been for a while. I also continue to have more energy each day. Sure can’t complain  about that, considering I am basically the  lethargic type. This new found energy is something I am embracing to the fullest.

Something new for me is I did buy my large diet coke today and here it is 9:20 in the evening and there is still half of it left. That is so amazing to me. I usually can drink anywhere  from 2-3 glasses a day. Not sure why I have not drank it all and really need to trash , the ice melted ions ago. Yesterday I had about 1/4 of it left. Maybe the desire is leaving me  to have my usual fix.  I will see how it goes tomorrow and dare I brave it and only buy a medium?

It is time for me to relax now and continue my education on raw foods. I bid you all goodnight I am off to read my book.  Hold on to the thought that………………… The Greatest Wealth Is Health and if you do, all of us who are reaching and getting closer to our goals will have what we so desire and deserve!


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Raw Discoveries –Day 2

One thing that is certain to eat healthy is far more expensive than your cheap drive-thru restaurants.

I completed Carol Alts book entitled “Eating in the Raw” I am glad I read if only for the reason she does emphasizes the philosophy of starting gradually. It was nice to read that it enforces my approach and makes me feel better about it.

Back to the finances of eating raw, I am hoping it balances itself out with the fact I will be using far less house gas and far less electricity. Currently I have none of the kitchen appliances she speaks of, personally I am not sure I even  will have a great need to purchase any of these right away. I do have a Kitchen- Aid  Food Processor  and I feel that will do for now.

Upon waking this morning I was pleased when I tested my blood sugar and it had dropped by 59mg/ul that is a start, however I definitely have a long way to go in that department. My weight was down 2 lbs from yesterday. I conclude all in all a positive start to my new way of life.

One of my common sense discoveries about eating raw is when purchasing raw entries as I did yesterday, it is helpful to keep a notebook to keep track of the brands I try. I am also putting a little note by the brand name after I have eaten it. This way I will know which I liked and did not like.

A great example is this morning for breakfast  I decided to have raw falafels and raw sauce from amongst the selection I bought yesterday. I gagged when I put this certain brand in my mouth the taste was just horrid and oh yuck I  felt I was eating sand.The sauce was way too vinegary. These went into the trash. I usually do not waste like that,and even more so being that their cost was $6.39 for a package of 4. Having mentioned the price that gives you an idea of how bad they were. Hence my discovery is all future purchases of falafels will include the Back To Life brand not the other. Their raw falafels were smooth and tasted similar to flash fried falafels from one of my favorite Greek fast foods restaurant. Also Back To Life’s raw “Tihini” sauce actually tasted how regular Tihini tastes.

I need to find time and get over to Whole Foods; I believe if I remember correctly their prices use to be a little lower than Mother’s. But I do need to comparison shop and get to know the raw foods at both Mother’s and Whole Foods better.

My lunch consisted of a cabbage casserole I made. It was a cooked meal and I included my raw salad.  My dinner was a slice of  sprouted bread that I keep in the freezer so it takes true to itself. I thawed the bread naturally only took a minute or two with this heat. I then placed a slice of  raw cheddar cheese and  a slice of  the raw “roast ‘  with a few sprigs of raw spinach and tomatoes.

This raw cheese is the most wonderful cheddar I have ever had. And I have had a  lot of cheddar in my life. I am so amazed it is so remarkable tasteful. I will have to be careful with product I could see myself  just munching that in no time.The raw “roast” is made with lentils beans and I am also surprised how delicious it is too.

I am looking forward to discovering more brands and different raw foods. Next stop visiting other blog site on others who have chosen this lifestyle of raw eating.

I am pleased you are along for my journey as we continue to learn that …………………………..

The Greatest Wealth Is Health


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